Marina Soria y flia.
Gustavo, Mora, Cata y Peky.
Marina Soria was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1961.
She is married with three daughters.

Marina Soria

Courtesy: Marta Korowaj photographer
Marina Soria

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Profesorado Bellas Artes
Taller de Escultura en Bellas Artes.
After her training which included, among others, the Teaching Training College in Fine Arts, two years Workshops with artist Hector Medici's and the three years course of studies for Graphic Design and Publicity at Escuela Panamericana de Arte, she discovered calligraphy, almost by accident.

Being a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), an American calligrapher called Carol Johnson arrived at the university and introduced her into this discipline. She continued as a teacher in the subject of Editorial Design in that same University and in 1998 she worked as a colleague in the subject of Typography, where she dedicated a whole term to the introduction to calligraphy and the learning of the Fundational style.

Cátedra Saavedra
Cátedra Saavedra, UBA.

Due to the birth of her third daughter, she had to abandon her teaching career at UBA and devote herself to her work as a designer and deepen her training as a calligrapher. First, she took calligraphy courses with Maria Eugenia Roballos. Throughout the years, she took part in several International Calligraphy conference in Usa & Europe. (see Calligraphy conferences at the bottom of the page).

In 2003 she was granted a scholarship from ACA (Association for the Calligraphic Arts) to participate in the International Calligraphy conference in Ohio.

New York
New York.

She is mostly interested in experimental calligraphy and in the creation of new alphabetic styles.

In 2007 / 2008 she returned to the University of Buenos Aires to teach her first seminar in experimental calligraphy for post graduate students.

She has been awarded prizes and she has exhibited her work in painting and calligraphy in different art galleries and museums in Argentina and abroad: Uruguay, USA, Spain, Japan, Russia and Germany.

In 2002 she travelled to Japan and in 2007 and 2010 to New York; this trips have influenced her style, especially the Eastern world. In her interest to go deeper into Eastern phylosophy and aesthetics, in 2007 she took part in a year long workshops on sumie-e, eastern painting, delivered by Cristina Coroleu, based on Taoist techniques.

In 2008 she atended "Books by Hand", Workshops dictated by Monica Dengo. One of her books was purchased by the Arezzo library.

Calígrafos de la Cruz del Sur
Calígrafos de la Cruz del Sur.

She was a founding member of "Southern Cross Calligraphers", the first calligraphy group in South America. This group had a notorious performance between 1997 and 2006, year in which it was dissolved. Its ultimate goal was to spread and promote calligraphy through lectures at Universities, conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

She has published articles in specialised magazines and her work can be seen in the yearly report of Letter Arts Review magazine, the most prestigious publication of this discipline in the USA, and in various other magazines. (see Press)
Her Works are part of the calligraphy Museums of Russia and Germany.

At present she works as a fine arts artist and calligrapher, doing work on request and making artist books in her studio. As regards teaching, she gives courses on calligraphy for adults Her goal as a teacher is helping her students to accomplish their own projects and to search for their personal mark.

Her works can be seen in the following internet pages:
Lettergekletter Kalligrafie
Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes de Berlín
Museo Contemporáneo de caligrafía de Moscú /// Link 1 /// Link 2 /// Newsletter del  “International Museum of Calligraphy”, Moscú. Rusia

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International Conferences in Calligraphy

The International Conferences in Calligraphy are events which have been taking place every year since 1981 in different North American cities. They are organized by the different calligraphy associations from each city. They host between 400 and 600 people who travel from all over the world to take part. They last one week and students are lodged in renowned universities or schools. Workshops on formal and experimental calligraphy, book fine arts and related disciplines are given. Expositions with the teachers’ and students’ work are made as well as demonstrations and audio visual conferences.

I have taken part in four conferences in the USA and three in Europe:

  • 2012. Atended Calligraphy Northwest Conference. Portland, Oregon, USA.
    24th to 30th July, Reed's College.

    Thomas Ingmire Workshop.

    Reed's College.
    Thomas' class.
    With Susan Richardson.
    With Yuko Wada & Carol Johnson.

    With Gina Jones.
    Show & share.
    Portland city.
  • 2011. Atended "Writing 2011 Symposium" Sunderland, England
    24th to 30th July 2011 at the University of Sunderland.

    Directors of the Symposium, Prof Thomas Ingmire, Prof. Ewan Clayton and Dr. Manny Ling.

    Sunderland University.
    Thomas's workshop.
    With Thomas.
    With David.

    With Liz, Helen & Denyce.
    Group artwork.
    With Yukimi.
    With Chilis.
  • 2008. Atended the "Books by Hand" workshop held in Arezzo, Italy. This workshop was organized by Monica Dengo.
    From October 17 to the 26 th.

    Within the books by hand workshop one of my books was awarded by the Arezzo Library and forms part of its collection

    Piazza Grande,
    Arezzo city, Italy.
    Piazza Grande,
    Arezzo city, Italy.
    Way to class.

    With Shajim y Denise.
    My work.
  • 2006. Brugge Conference in Brugge, Belgium.
    This conference was organized by Brody Neuenschwander and Rory Kotin.
    I attended Ewan Clayton’s and Ives L’Eterme’s workshops.

    With Brody Neuenschwander.
    With Ewan Clayton.
    With Sharon Zeguin and Vida Voca.
    With Stephany Caplan.

    Ewan Clayton's workshop.
    Ewan Clayton's workshop.
    Yves L'Eterme workshop.
  • 2004. Black & White in Seattle, Washigton, USA.
    I attended Thomas Ingmire’s workshop.
    Black & White

    With Charles Pearce.
    Charles Pearce.
    With Thomas Ingmire.
    Thomas Ingmire's

    Thomas Ingmire.
    Thomas Ingmire's
    Thomas Ingmire's

    Words for Peace is a project created by Thomas Ingmire, outstanding American calligrapher.
    Thomas made an international call to his students and he even fostered the participation of children in this project.
    When I received the invitation, I gathered my daughters to tell them about the objective. After a chat about the topic, my daughter Mora (aged nine) decided to write “Please, stop the war”; Catalina (aged eight) couldn’t undergo the task of space and made a drawing which Thomas stuck on his fridge; finally Peky (only five) produced a kind of writing which looks like a graph in green.
    This display is itinerant and constantly incorporates new works. To know more about the project Words for Peace visit:
    Words for Peace

    Instalations at Fresno.
    View of Black & White.
    My work to WFP at the Black & White conference.
    My daughters' work.
  • 2003. Celebration in Ohio, USA.
    In 2003 I was granted a scholarship from ACA (Association for the Calligraphic Arts) in the United States to participate in Celebration.
    I attended Judy Melvin’s and Liza Engelbredcht’s workshops.
    In that conference an auction of calligraphic books was organized and my work, which was put up for auction, was acquired by Karen Charatan.
    My gratitude to her and Anne Binder for their support.

    With Judy Melvin.
    With Karen Charatan.
    With Liza Engelbredtch.
    With Michael Jacobs.

    With Risa Gertler and Susan Richardson.
    Students exhibition.
    Liza Engelbredtch's
  • 2000. Experiment in Sonoma, California.
    I attended Brody Neuenschwander’s workshop.

    With Virginia Pujol.
    Brody Neuenschwander’s
    Brody Neuenschwander’s
    Brody Neuenschwander’s

    Thomas Ingmire's
    Ingmire's work at teachers exhibition.
    Opening party.
    University campus.
  • 1998. Discoveries in San Diego, California, USA.
    Being five-month pregnant of my third child, I attended my first conference called Discoveries, in San Diego.
    I attended Sheila Waters’ and Thomas Ingmire’s workshops.

    With Sheila Waters.
    Thomas Ingmire's
    With Peter Thorton.
    With Denis Brown
    and Carol Johnson.

    Exercise of Thomas
    Ingmire's workshop.
    Thomas Ingmire's

LAR Magazines where Marina Soria’s work has been published: